Manage Event Attendees

If you’re running or have already hosted an event, SocialBro can help you analyze or engage with those who are attending/have attended. This can be done by importing these users into SocialBro where you can then perform actions such as Tweeting them, sending them a direct message, adding them to a list, following them, and so on.

To import users into SocialBro

1) Start with your list of attendees in Excel. Select the column containing attendees Twitter handles and copy (in plain text).

ug excel handles

2) Paste the screen names into a text file, e.g. Word or Notepad, making sure that one screen name is on each line.

ug notepad

3) Save the text file.

4) In the Target section of the top navigation bar (or the home page) select ‘Text file’ and upload the text file.

import text

ug upload txt

Alternatively, if you do not have attendees’ Twitter handles, you can use the Email Integration tool to import your attendees’ email addresses into SocialBro, where we will match them with their corresponding Twitter profiles. This tool works in the same way as above except you need to select ‘Emails’ as the format and the text file must contain one email address per line.

ug upload emails

5) The list of attendees can then be used as a source to analyze and view insights. You can access this information from your home page or the Source drop down menu.

ug users imported

6) Information about the attendees is then displayed in the dashboard. This information can show you people you should be following, i.e. to target with product offerings or engaging with to increase the quality of your community.

ug dashboard list

7) The insights section can be used to provide you with useful statistics about the attendees of your event, for example where they are from, the languages they speak, their level of Twitter activity and their influence. You can access the insights report via the “At” drop down menu.

ug alt list

You can filter within these users e.g. to find people who you would like to meet at the event and use this as an opportunity to begin networking beforehand.

8) SocialBro can also be used to create a list of attendees for you to target at a later date with future events. To do this select all members in the dashboard.

ug all members file text

10) If you do not wish to add all of the users to a list, either use the tick boxes to select some or drag and drop a box over multiple users (Tip: if you have a large amount of attendees you can change how many users you view on a page by going to Settings -> General and Page size) and then choose “selected” from the bottom navigation bar and “Add to list”.

To add all users to your list select ‘All criteria’ from the bottom navigation bar and ‘Add all to list’.

all criteria add to a list

11) Choose a name and description for your list and set it to private if you do not want members to be notified they have been included. This list is then stored for future use and can be easily accessed via your Twitter account e.g. to view tweets by members.


Tip: Create a public list before the event to encourage interaction between attendees and create a buzz around the event.

12) You can also monitor this list in Hootsuite or Tweetdeck e.g. to find ways to interact with users.

Tip: If your event has a hashtag, use SocialBro to monitor the hashtag and see who has been tweeting it. This is useful for connecting with users before the event.

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