Twitter Account

One of the most powerful features of SocialBro is the ability to to analyze a 3rd-party account. This could be a competitor’s account or any account you’re interested in. You only need to add the account handle as a source. This is perfect in order to compare the account with your account, analyze it’s evolution and gain insights to modify your own strategy.

1. From the Target section of the top menu bar select Twitter account.


Or select Add an account source from the Twitter accounts section of your homepage.



Note that Third party accounts can be also be added using the more drop-down menu on the user card.

2. Enter the Twitter handle of the account and click the Add button.


3. When the account has finished synchronizing you can access it via the Source drop-down menu on the breadcrumb bar.

source drop down menu

Or access it from the Source: Twitter accounts section on your homepage.

homepage source twitter accounts

4. After selecting the account, you’ll be taken to the dashboard. The dashboard shows the progress of the account you have added as the source and also includes various widgets which are particular to the comparison of the source with the Twitter account you’re logged in with:

5ATAThe widgets which are shown on the dashboard are:

  • Community stats (Followers, Following)
  • New followers
  • Recent unfollows
  • Recently followed
  • Countries
  • Languages
  • Gender
  • Kred score
  • Following Bio Tag Cloud
  • Followers Bio Tag Cloud

There are also some source comparison widgets which are:

  • Source followings not following you – People followed by the current source account that don’t follow you.
  • Common following – Common people you and the current source account follow.
  • Source followings not followed by you – People the current source account is following that you don’t follow. Useful to follow the people your competitor is following.
  • Common followers – Common followers with the current source account.
  • Source followers not followed by you – Current source account followers that you don’t follow. Useful to follow the followers of your competitors.
  • Source followers not following you – Current source account followers that don’t follow you.

You can browse the members of specific widgets of the source to look for people to follow and engage with. You can also visualize statistics of the Twitter account by clicking Community Insights using the At drop-down menu of the breadcrumb bar.


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