Tweet Analytics

Tweet Analytics enables you to measure and improve the effectiveness of all your Tweets, by showing you how successfully a Tweet has performed in terms of favorites, replies and Retweets.

Tweet Analytics is a real-time feature and does not depend on your account being synchronized.

Select Tweet Analytics from the Analytics section of the top menu bar.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.27.49

Choose to view All Tweets, Tweets, or just replies (Tweets @-ing another user) from the top right of your screen.


Select the time span you wish to view information using the calendar or period selector at the top right, e.g., the last seven days, last 30 days.


People interactions presents each Tweet as a circle. Select what you want to display on the Y-axis (favorites, replies or Retweets). For example:

If we select favorites for the Y-axis:

  • The higher the circle is, the more favorites the Tweet received.
  • The color of the circle shows how many Retweets the Tweet received.
  • The bigger the circle is the more replies the Tweet received.

people interactions

Hold the cursor over any of the Tweets to see more detailed information as pictured above.

Depending on the choice of Y-axis data the key will change to show what the size and color of the circles represent.

If we select replies for the Y-axis:

  • The higher the circle is, the more replies the Tweet received.
  • The color of the circle shows how many favorites the Tweet received.
  • The bigger the circle is the more Retweets the Tweet received.

If we select Retweets for the Y-axis:

  • The higher the circle is, the more Retweets the Tweet received.
  • The color of the circle shows how many replies the Tweet received.
  • The bigger the circle is the more favorites the Tweet received.

Engagement Stats shows you the total number of Retweets, replies and favorites your Tweets have received over the selected period of time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.37.36


The next table shows some social media metrics which give you an idea of how you are performing in Twitter as well as helping you form and achieve your SMART objectives.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.41.20

  • Amplification rate: This is the number of retweets you have received per Tweet. The amplification rate measures how much your audience values your content enough to share it with their own Twitter communities. It is calculated: Retweets / (Tweets + replies + mentions).
  • Conversation rate: This is the number of mentions you have received per Tweet. The conversation rate checks that you are understanding who your audience is and as a result are posting appropriate content which results in conversations. It is calculated: (mentions + replies) / Tweets.
  • Applause rate: This is the number of favorites you have received per Tweet. The applause rate is a measure of how valuable your community finds your Tweets and as a result favorites the Tweet. It is calculated: favorites / (Tweets + replies + mentions).
  • Lists: are the number of lists you have been added to within the time period.
  • Clicks are the number of clicks your Bitly links have received. To use this function you must connect your Bitly account to your SocialBro account. To do this select Services from the settings menu on the right of the top menu bar and activate Bitly.


My actions table shows you how many Tweets you have sent, how many Tweets you have retweeted or favorited, and how many mentions you’ve given or received.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.42.41

All your Tweets for your chosen time period are displayed in list view. You can see the number of Retweets, replies, favorites and clicks they received. You can also see the Tweet’s potential audience, which is calculated based on the number of followers the users who retweeted you have, plus your own followers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.43.48

Click on Retweets, replies, or favorites to see the users who engaged with your Tweet.

Click on a user’s Twitter handle to open up the sidebar and to view information about them, reply, Retweet, follow them, add them to a list, etc.



You can also reply to multiple users with one Tweet. Click the small green speech bubble under the Twitter handle of the profiles you want to send the Tweet. Write your Tweet as normal and click Send.

tweet multiple users

Another option is to add the Tweet as a source. Click Add as a source in the top right of each Tweet.

add as a source

Click Verify to pre-visualize the Tweet and decide if you want to receive an email summary and with what frequency. Finally click Add. The synchronization process may take a few minutes but you can navigate away and continue working.

To discover all the users who have retweeted this tweet go to your Homepage and the Tweet will appear at the bottom in the section Source: Discover Retweeters. While the Tweet data is being synchronized the panel will say “Collecting data…” but when ready click on the panel and go to the dashboard.

source discover retweeters

Note that if the tweet is not from your authenticated account in SocialBro a maximum of 100 results will be shown.

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