Top Menu Bar

The top menu bar is always visible in SocialBro and has the following elements (from left to right):

top menu bar new

1 home icon Home: This button takes you back to your SocialBro Homepage where you can switch between accounts and sources. The SocialBro icon to the left also takes you to the home page.

2 my community icon My Community: This button visualizes the community wall and the search/filter sidebar can be used to filter for users within the community.

3 monitoring icon Monitoring: Monitor a hashtag, keyword, or Twitter user to discover comprehensive details about both the Tweets and the users who have posted them.

4 reports icon Reports: Here you can create reports about your community e.g., a weekly report about your followers.


5 analytics iconAnalytics: This drop-down menu takes you to any of our Analytics tools. These tools have been created to help you analyze your Twitter communities and those belonging to third parties.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 15.54.03

  • Community insights – With this tool you can view detailed statistics about your Twitter community: which languages they speak, their time zones, etc.
  • Real-Time Analytics – With Real-Time Analytics you can visualize who is currently online, the total number of followers of the online users, the number of online users per second, the top languages of these users, and also the apps and clients most used.
  • Best Time to Tweet – This tool shows you a heat chart with the days of the week and the specific time that your followers are online, as well as other charts and different Tag Clouds.
  • Tweet Analytics – This tool allows you to analyze the impact of the content you post on Twitter. You can see how successful each Tweet you send has been in terms of retweets, replies and favourites. You can also directly reply to users, including the ability to reply to multiple users at once, see how many clicks your Bitly links have received and view your potential reach for each Tweet.
  • Account Comparison – With this tool you can compare stats about any of your source accounts, with up to two other accounts, on the same graph. This is useful when making decisions about your Twitter marketing strategy and analyzing how you are performing on Twitter compared to industry peers.
  • Benchmark – Benchmark your performance by comparing the growth of your Twitter account against your industry peers (with Twitter accounts of a similar age, size and industry to your own).
  • Follower Retention/Churn – This tool allows you to monitor the success of campaigns you run by clearly displaying how many users follow you in each week and how many remain, unfollow you and engage with you in the following weeks.


6 engagement iconEngagement:This drop-down menu takes you to any of our Engagement related tools. These tools have been created to help you engage with your community.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 15.54.07

  • Direct Message Campaigns – Segment and target a specific group of your followers with a Direct Message. SocialBro’s Twitter DM Campaigns tool allows you to filter amongst your followers and send out personalized DMs to those selected, e.g., to invite them to an event or webinar, contact competition winners or create PR opportunities.
  • Mention Helper – Easily add multiple users to a Tweet e.g., to thank them or create a #FollowFriday Tweet.
  • Best Time to Tweet – This tool shows you a heat chart with the days of the week and the specific time that your followers are online, as well as other charts and different Tag Clouds.
  • Latest Interactions – With this tool you can visualize all your interaction Tweets, the Tweets of those who have mentioned you and also those who you have mentioned in your Tweets.
  • Rule Builder – The Rule Builder tool allows you to automate some of your Twitter actions to increase engagement e.g., by adding specific users to Twitter lists or Tweeting certain new followers.


7 target iconTarget: This drop-down menu takes you to the tools which are designed to help you target Twitter users and add any sources to analyze.

target menu

  • Discover New Twitter Users – SocialBro allows you to search Twitter without leaving the application. You can refine your search by using different filters and search by, for example, verified accounts, profiles with a URL, time zones, etc.
  • Twitter Account – Analyze a 3rd-party account. This could be a competitor’s account or any account you’re interested in. You only need to add the account handle as a source. Perfect to compare the account with your account and gain insights to modify your own strategy.
  • Search Tweets Sample – You can use the Search Tweets Sample tool to monitor a hashtag, URL or a keyword. This is useful to monitor who is talking about a particular topic in real-time e.g., a product or an event. You can then add them to a list, follow them, etc.
  • Your Twitter Lists – Analyze your own Twitter list, comparing its members with your contacts. It’s useful to know the members of a list that are in your community and also to get detailed stats about the people who are in a specific list.
  • Other Twitter Lists – Analyze any public Twitter list, comparing its members with your contacts. It’s useful to know the members of a list that are in your community and also to get detailed stats about the people who are in a specific list.
  • Text File – This source is useful to help manage people from an event (congress, meeting, conference, workshop, etc.). Once the source is added you can add the users to lists, add tags and notes, add to Tailored Audience, use the source in a DM campaign, etc.
  • Convert Emails Into Profiles – Use this tool to instantly locate your email contacts in Twitter to improve your relationships and increase business possibilities.
  • Search Geolocated Tweets Sample – SocialBro’s Geolocated search tool enables you to find Twitter users nearby Tweeting a word or about a topic, useful for targeting!
  • Discover Retweeters – View all of the users who have retweeted a Tweet allowing you to find out who has an interest in your business or campaign.


tweet editor icon newTweet editor: Click the Tweet editor icon to open the Tweet Editor. Use the the @ symbol to allow SocialBro to auto-complete the Twitter user. If you want to Send as a Direct Message check the appropriate box.

2 mention


Help: Need help using SocialBro? Click the help icon to link to our user guidehelp icon, blog, or video channel. Click Missions to see walkthroughs of some of the main tools and features. Click Feedback to open a tab where you can make suggestions about improving SocialBro. Click the Contact support button to open a sidebar where you can write your message.

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11 notifications iconNotifications: Click this icon to see a list of your notifications, such as when a source is synchronized or a report has been generated.

latest notifications


12 spread the love iconSpread the love of SocialBro: You can now earn more social contacts by spreading the word about SocialBro.

spread the love


13 settings icon

Settings: This opens the settings menu where there are six clickable panels. You can also Close session in the bottom right of the window.

settings menu

This allows you to manage:

  • General settings. Control the basic settings of SocialBro, e.g., page size, default view, language, actions confirmation.
  • Notifications. Control which accounts and sources you wish to receive email notifications for.
  • Payment Plan. Make alterations to your SocialBro plan and view your invoices.
  • Services. Connect and integrate your SocialBro accounts with third party services such as, Bitly, Google Analytics, Nimble and Salesforce.
  • My account. Control your personal information and change your password.
  • Teams. Manage your Collaboration Teams. Control who in your organization has access to the accounts you have added and what actions they can perform with these accounts. This makes managing your Twitter accounts easier whilst allowing you to maintain control. This tool is also useful for enabling clients to access their own accounts but not others.

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