Text File

Another source that can be added to your SocialBro account is a text file.

Manage event attendees

This type of source is really useful if you want to manage attendees of an event (congress, meeting, conference, workshop, webinar survey, etc.). Once the text file is added as a source you can use the dashboard widgets to find people you should be following in order to target them with product offerings or engage with to increase the quality of your community. On the community wall you can filter within these users to find people who you would like to meet at the event and use this as an opportunity to begin networking beforehand. Add these users to lists, add tags and notes, add to an Audience, use the source in a DM campaign, etc.


  • If you create a public list before the event this will help to encourage interaction between attendees and create a buzz around the event.
  • If your event has a hashtag, use SocialBro to monitor the hashtag and see who is Tweeting it. This is useful for connecting with users before the event.
  • You can monitor the list in Hootsuite or TweetDeck to find ways to interact with users.



1. In a text file make a list of Twitter handles (of your event attendees). It’s also possible to copy and paste an Excel column of Twitter handles to the text file. Make sure you have one handle per line and begin each line with the @ symbol as below:

lista de handles

2. Save the text file on your computer.

3. Select Text File from the Target section of the top menu bar.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 12.22.30

4. Click Upload a file and select the text file from your computer. Alternatively, you can click Write a public URL to select the file from a public website, e.g., https://mysite.com/users.txt.

1 upload text file

5. After importing the file the source panel will appear in the Source: Imported users section of your homepage. You can also access it from the Source drop-down menu of the breadcrumb bar.

text 3

6. Click on the top half of the source panel to access the dashboard of the source. Click on the bottom half of the source panel to access the community wall of the source.

Widgets available on the dashboard are:

  • All members of the file
  • Countries the members are from
  • Languages spoken by members
  • Gender of members
  • Members bio Tag Cloud
  • + source comparison widgets

Click on any of the widgets to visit the community wall where you can browse, search and filter the members of that widget.

Select Community insights from the At drop-down menu to see many widgets giving detailed stats about the members of the text file (your event attendees) providing you with extra information, for example, where they are from, the languages they speak, their level of Twitter activity and their influence in order to target or engage with them.

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