Tags & Notes: Customize the relationship with your community

Tags and Notes in SocialBro are very useful tools to manage the relationship with your Twitter community in a more personalized way. Today, we’re going to talk about a real case of using the Tags and Notes, features that have been little used so far.

When we first launched SocialBro for Chrome, some users (those who used Windows XP) experienced a problem when trying to export their history to this version because of a bug that was in the latest Google Chrome update.

So, this is where we can explain the usefulness of Tags and Notes! As some of our users couldn’t read the blog post, those who used Windows XP started to ask us why they weren’t able to import their account history. At that moment we realized that the Tags and Notes were suitable to identify those users and not lose track of them.

We created the “bug_Chrome” tag and added it to everybody who had the problem. We also added notes with details of each user case.

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-12 05.58.48

So, when Google Chrome gave us a fix for this bug, we didn’t have to search for the SocialBro users that had the problem. We simply looked at all the profiles to which we added the “bug_Chrome” tag, and contacted each of them individually.

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