Tags and Notes

Tags and Notes are useful tools for the professional user of Twitter to help manage the relationship with your Twitter community in a more personalized way. Segment and classify your community by tagging users and add notes to efficiently manage them. The tag acts as a shortcut to easily find those user you have tagged with it. For example, if you have to contact certain customers in the future you can use tags and notes to keep track of them so that you can perform a simple search to find out who they are and not forget about them. You can also select the blue @ in the bottom right corner to view any interactions you have had with them e.g., to see what they asked you, when you said you would be in touch. Tags and notes for this reason also help to improve your customer service.

The basis of tags is the same as lists. However, Twitter only allows you to have up to 1000 lists with no more than 5000 people per list. If you have a large Twitter community that you wish to classify you may run out of lists or have too many people to fit in one list. Tags do not have any restriction.

You can add a tag or note to any user, not just one from your own community, e.g., your competitor’s followers, and easily locate the profiles again in the future.

Note: you can only view the tags you applied when browsing the Twitter account you used to add the tags.


Add a tag or note

Mouse over the user card and click the more drop-down menu and select Edit Tags or Edit Notes.

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Click in the tag box and type the tag you want to assign to this user. If you start to type an existing tag it will appear in the drop-down box for you to select. This avoids the creation of duplicate tags by mistake.


After adding a tag it will appear in the Tags tab of the search/filter sidebar. Click Save changes to apply the tag.

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Add a tag to various users by using the search/filter sidebar to find the required user set. Click the All criteria drop-up menu to add tags to all or check multiple user cards and click the selected drop-up menu and then Add tags to add the tag as a bulk action to only those selected.

tags and notes selected


You can also drag and drop a tag to a profile from the search/filter sidebar. Click on the six dots to the left of the tag name and drag it to the profile.


The tags applied to a user are visible at the end of the bio by mousing over the Twitter handle or the small tag icon of the user card.

tags applied



To add a note, select Edit Notes from the more drop down menu (or select the Notes tab if the Tags and Notes window is already open) and write the comment you want to add.

Notes can be as long as you like e.g., details about a client, details about a problem that needs to be solved. If you Search using the advanced syntax, SocialBro will return any user whose notes match the search e.g., if you searched “notes:important” any user with the word “important” in their notes would be returned.

Click Save changes and a gold triangle will appear in the top left corner of the user card. Click on the gold triangle to visualize and edit the note you have applied to that user.


To see users that have a specific tag on the community wall click the tag in the tags tab of the search/filter sidebar. If you have many tags, make use of the Filter tags search box to locate certain ones.

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You can also use the search box in the search/filter sidebar to specify the tag.

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