SocialBro Alerts You When You Try to Follow Someone You Have Previously Unfollowed

The following icon will appear under a users’ avatar on SocialBro when you unfollow them or when you follow someone who you have already unfollowed.

ug alert icon

In order to let SocialBro recognize the previous relationship between you and each member of your community, and thus activate the alert, the follow or unfollow must be identified in a previous synchronization. SocialBro will alert you even if you have followed or unfollowed a person on or in any other application.

For example, today I followed five people through Tweetdeck and tomorrow I synchronize my account on SocialBro. These five people will appear as my new friends on SocialBro. A few days later, if I unfollow these people on SocialBro, the alert icon will immediately appear. If I unfollow them through Tweetdeck or another app, the icon will appear only after the next synchronization.

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