Using the filter and search functions to target your audience

The search and filter features in SocialBro are powerful tools to thoroughly analyze your community and identify your business niche. Use these functions to gain a clear understanding of your target audience made up of clients, customers and influencers.

There are different filters that help you to search more precisely both within your community and in Twitter. Also you can search for people by filtering the information according to specific criteria using the Filter and Advanced Search panel, on the left navigation bar.

To display the left navigation bar select the following button:


The search bar

This drop down menu allows you to perform an advanced search by name, keywords in a bio or location, useful for targeting Twitter users relevant to your business.

Below are some examples, please remember when searching for an exact phrase you have to use punctuation marks as shown in the picture.

You can also type out a search according to advanced syntax.


Influence and activity filters

These filters are useful for narrowing down a search e.g. to find the most influential or active Twitter users.


Demographic filters

These filters will help you find users to follow, unfollow, add to a list, target, send Twitter DMs to etc.


Custom Filters

When you perform a search you want to save to perform again in the future you can use the “save filter” button pictured above and it will be stored in the “custom filters” tab.


My Tags

You can create tags to add to users to categorize and organize your community e.g. to easily locate users again in the future. You can then select the tag from the tags menu to display all of the users assigned to it. To add an existing tag to more users just drag and drop it onto their profile.


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