Search Geolocated Tweets Sample

The Search geolocated Tweets sample function is a very useful tool, especially for local business. It enables you to find Twitter users nearby who are Tweeting about a certain word or topic. You can then use this information to target them, engage with them and promote your business.

For example, if you are a sushi restaurant owner you could search for users Tweeting the word “sushi” to find people to target and then Tweet them about your special offers or other details about your restaurant to increase trade.


1. Select Search geolocated Tweets sample from the Target section of the top menu bar.

1 search geolocated tweets sample menu

2. Give your search a name and in the search criteria field the word or phrase to search by, e.g. “Sushi”. You can also modify the search radius and language. Then click Add.

Note that if the map doesn’t load you will have to grant SocialBro access to your position.

2 sushi example

3. Once the geolocated search has synchronized the source panel will appear in the Source: Tweets sample section of your homepage. You can also access it from the Source drop-down menu of the breadcrumb bar.

4. Click on the top half of the source panel to access the dashboard of the source. Click on the bottom half of the source panel to access the community wall of the source.


Widgets on the dashboard of a Tweets sample search are:

  • Community Stats (Participants, Tweets number, Potential impression)
  • Tweet types (Normal Tweets, Native Retweets, replies)
  • Languages spoken by members
  • Countries the members are from
  • Gender of members
  • Members bio Tag Cloud

There are also some source comparison widgets which are:

  • Members followed by you – Source members followed by you.
  • Members who follow you – Source members who follow you.
  • Members who don’t follow you back – Source members that you follow but don’t follow you back.
  • Members not followed by you – Source members not followed by you.
  • Members not reciprocated by you – Source members that follow you but you don’t follow back.


5. View stats about all of the people who have Tweeted about “sushi” on your dashboard. From the community stats panel click Participants to view all of the users who have recently Tweeted “sushi” on the community wall.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 16.43.36Click Tweets Number to see the actual Tweets that contain the search criteria in the sidebar. Mouseover each Tweet to reply, Retweet or favorite, for example reply to tell them about your current sushi offers.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 16.46.33

Click on any of the widgets to visit the community wall where you can browse, search and filter the members of that widget and carry out any of the typical community management actions available in SocialBro.

Select Community insights from the At drop-down menu to see many widgets giving detailed stats about the members of the text file providing you with extra information to target or engage with them.

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