Real-Time Analytics

With SocialBro you can visualize real-time analytics for your Twitter community. The data is based on a timeframe of the previous five minutes and the panels and widgets update every minute. You can learn about the real-time state of your community at a glance and identify users who are online at that moment and interact with them.

Select Real-time analytics from the Analytics section of the top menu bar.

socialbro real time analytics

In the first panel you can select which group of users you want to see real-time data about. As well as your own timeline you can monitor a list or, using the search option, monitor a hashtag/keyword. Don’t forget to click Apply to submit the change.

1 real time analytics about

You can then see how many of these active users are online right now, the sum of their followers and their avatars.

Click on an avatar in the active users panel to open the sidebar of that user where you can follow/unfollow, favorite, reply, etc.

socialbro real time analytics


You can view a breakdown of the active users minute by minute:

ug real time per second

The Top languages chart shows you the languages these users are using, which helps you improve your engagement as you can identify the best language to Tweet in at any given time.

ug languages ra

The Top apps and clients panel shows how the users are accessing Twitter e.g., using Twitter itself or a third party client, such as TweetDeck. If they are mostly Tweeting from apps like Foursquare or Instagram, for example, they probably are not too aware of their timelines at that moment.

ug top clients

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