The lists management tool is one of the most powerful features of SocialBro. You can create a Twitter list containing any user who has a public profile e.g., your competitor’s followers, members of a search, people who have tweeted a hashtag, specific members of your community. You can also make use of Twitter lists to monitor the tweets from users who are important to your business. Create the Twitter list using SocialBro, then add the list as a stream in Hootsuite and never miss out on important news or to look for opportunities to engage with these influential users.


List limits

1000 lists permitted per user

5000 users permitted per list


Add users to a list

As an example let’s create a Twitter list containing the influential people you are following who have “social media” in their bios.

1. Select following from the community stats panel.


2. Use the search/filter sidebar and advanced search options to find your desired users. In this case we want them to have a high influence and “social media” in their bios. Remember you can only add 5000 people to each Twitter list so you may have to filter more aggressively to reduce the number of users.

3. (2)

3. On the community bottom bar use the All criteria drop-up menu and select Add all to list to add all these multiple users to the list. Alternatively, check individual users and use the Selected drop-up menu to add that specific user set to the list by selecting Add to list.

4. (1)

4. Choose a name for your list and decide on the privacy settings. If you don’t want users to be notified that they have been added to your list select private but if you want these users to know they are important to you, leave it public. Click OK when you are ready.


5. To add individual users to an existing list use the list drop-down menu on the user card:


6. Add your list as a source to analyze it and see stats about the members on the dashboard and view community insights.


Don’t forget that you can add any private or public list as a source. This is very useful if you want to clone a list from a competitor on Twitter. Just add it as a source, view the community wall and click Add all to list from the All criteria drop-up menu on the community bottom bar.

You can also add a text file as a source, then add all to a list that already exists or create a new one. This source type is useful if you want to manage people from an event (congress, meeting, conference, workshop, etc.) whose Twitter handles you have stored in a text file.


Remove users from a list

You can remove an individual user from one of your lists by clicking the list drop-down menu on the user card and deselecting the relevant list.

Remove multiple users by selecting them. Drag and drop a box over them or use the check boxes on their user cards to select them and then use the Selected drop-up menu and click Remove from list.

To clean up any of your lists and remove multiple users:

1. Add the list as a source to view all of the members of the list in one place.

2. When the list has finished synchronizing you can access it via your Homepage.

3. Select all members (or any other widget from the dashboard) to view the users’ profiles.

4. Browse the users’ profiles and locate those you wish to remove from your list. You can use the searches/filter sidebar to locate certain members e.g., inactive users. Drag and drop a box over multiple users or use the check boxes on their profiles to select them.

5. Once the desired users are checked, choose Selected from the community bottom bar and then Remove from list.

6. Choose the relevant list from the drop-down menu and select OK.

select list

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