Follow and Unfollow

Who to follow/unfollow?

Take a look at the dashboard widgetsNew followers” and “Inactive people you follow“. View these users on the community wall and use the calendar and/or filters to find those that you are interested in following or unfollowing. e.g., high or low influence, those who work in your market sector, those who haven’t Tweeted recently, those who have a low number of followers. You can visualize your competitor’s community, once it is added as a source, and then view the members and select those it’s convenient to follow.

Click the avatar of the user to open the sidebar where you can see more info about the user to help you make a decision about the follow/unfollow action. You can directly follow/unfollow from this sidebar at the top and at the bottom of the first tab. Note that if the user is whitelisted the buttons do not appear in the sidebar.

5 sidebar follow:unfollow


There are two other ways to follow or unfollow a user in SocialBro:

1. Mouseover a profile to activate the follow or unfollow buttons. Click the button:

ug user widgt  ug user widgt hold


Note that it isn’t possible to mass follow or unfollow users with one click as this creates an opportunity to create spam. i.e., you can’t click and drag a box over various users to follow all of them with just one click. You have to perform this action with each user individually.

However, it is important to find a way to easily follow/unfollow multiple people to help save time, but without breaking Twitter’s rules. To do this make use of the Follow mode button.


2. The Follow mode button is on the community bottom bar.

follow mode

This button allows you to browse and review Twitter users and select those to follow and unfollow quickly and easily.

Click this button to highlight the user cards on the community wall. You can change page and the follow mode will continue to be active. Click the button again to deactivate follow mode. If you quickly want to activate follow mode to see the follow/unfollow state of those users on the community wall then hold down the shift key.

Follow mode works in the same way regardless of the style of user card (grid view or detailed view) you are using on the community wall.

Those users you don’t follow are highlighted in blue. Click each individual user card to follow them.

2 blue to follow

Those users you follow are highlighted in red. Click each individual user card to unfollow them.

3 red to unfollow

Those users you have whitelisted are highlighted in red. Even if you click a whitelisted user card it is impossible to unfollow them.

4 red whitelisted


Note that some user cards have a yellow exclamation symbol over the relationship icon. This is just to alert you that you have unfollowed this user in the past and helps you to recognize this previous relationship. You may want to think twice before following again.

relationship 5 - exclamation

SocialBro will alert you even if you have unfollowed a person on or in any other application, e.g., TweetDeck. However, for SocialBro to recognize the relationship between you and this unfollowed user, and thus activate this alert, the follow or unfollow must be identified in a previous synchronization. If you unfollow within SocialBro the icon appears immediately.


Force unfollow

To force a user or users to unfollow you (e.g. spammers or fake profiles) select the users and click Force unfollow from the Selected menu.

6 force unfollow menu

You will see a confirmation message.

7 force unfollow message

Click OK to continue. This action may take a few minutes but you will see a message when it is complete.

8 unfollow complete

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