How to export your account history from the free version to SocialBro Pro

SocialBro allows you to export your entire account history from the free desktop versions (for Chrome and Adobe Air) to the Pro web-app!

1) If you have not already upgraded to the pro you can do this via the “Go Pro” button on your dashboard.


2) SocialBro will copy your entire history from the free to the Pro cloud version: all your Twitter accounts, sources, tags, notes, etc. To do this select “Tools” from the top navigation bar (in your free account) and then export to SocialBro Pro.


If you already have a Pro account, don’t worry about losing the information you have in it. When you export the old data, both histories will be merged together after the following sync.

3) If you need to create a Pro account you can do so from here, if you already have one sign in with your email address and password.


Before selecting a Pro plan you should decide if you want to upgrade with all the data you have in your free account. You may want to eliminate some Twitter accounts and sources in order to be able to pick a cheaper Pro package 😉

To eliminate Twitter accounts and sources before selecting a Pro plan, click on “Shrink your community” when you see this screen:


Why upgrade?

SocialBro Pro is the latest and the most advanced version of our platform. It’s a web-app designed specifically for Social Media and Marketing professionals, businesses, agencies and power Twitter users.

As a web-based platform, all your history, followers and friends are stored in the cloud, so you never have to worry about saving this data yourself. With SocialBro Pro you can also access your account from any computer, which is really convenient as you can open the tool from any location and in all popular browsers.

Take a quick look at the main differences between the Pro and the basic free version: