Best Time to Tweet (BTTT)

One of the most useful features of SocialBro is the Best Time to Tweet (BTTT) report. SocialBro analyzes the timelines of your followers and generates a report showing you when you should be Tweeting to reach the maximum number of followers and so engage with your community more effectively and gain Retweets and replies.

You can create a BTTT report for your whole community or a certain segment. You can create reports for a custom sample of users based on searches and filters, Twitter lists, third party Twitter accounts, users with a specific tag, etc. The question is to create the segment of users you are interested in on the community wall and then create the report.

You can configure the BTTT report with Buffer or with Hootsuite to schedule your Tweets in advance at the times when your followers are most likely to see them.

Your SocialBro plan affects how many followers your BTTT report is based on. Obviously the more followers the report is based on the more accurate and useful the report will be to you. SocialBro automatically updates your report for you every seven days.

Create a BTTT report for a custom sample of users:

1. Choose the sample of users that you want to know when are online: members of a list, members of a search, your competitor’s followers, etc. Select followers from the dashboard and you will see their user cards on the community stats followers

From the community wall you can then use the search/filter options to segment the specific followers you want the report to be based on, e.g., Country: Spain, influence >770, followers >6000, etc.

BTTT filter spain

influencers bloggers

2. When you have your desired segment of users, click All Criteria on the community bottom bar, then click Best Time to Tweet report.

socialbro bttt criteria

3. You will then see the following form. Choose a title for your report, upload a logo (if you wish), select the desired time zone and click Create.

bttt form

You will then see the following message. It may take a while to generate the report but SocialBro will notify you when it is ready.

ug still generating message

4. You will then be taken to your BTTT reports section which displays all your reports in the form of panels. When your report has been generated you can view it by selecting View report.

view custom bttt


The Best Time To Tweet reports you have generated are accessible from the Analytics drop-down menu of the top menu bar. The reports are those associated with the account you are currently browsing.

ug bttt analytics

5. You can then see all of the stats and information available for any of the BTTT reports you have created.


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